Razor Versus Scissors

Hi there my friends,
As many of you know I host many of my private  workshops in my HairDesignerTV studio. With such a small group 5 to 6 stylists, I am able to step back from demonstration of technique and truly observe a stylist's body position, how they use their tools and how they use their mirror. How close is the stylist to their work? Do the stylists take clean sections? How often is the cut cross-checked? Does the stylist do two hair cuts on one person instead of one hair cut? Do you relate to any of these points?

This hairstyle from my collection To Sir with Love. This is 80% razor cut.
Do you over-detail? Detailing a hair style has become a big trend, (something I rarely do, as I design as I cut).  Often stylists cut in a basic shape and blowdry, then they texture and detail, going through the entire head again and again and – you got it – AGAIN! So while the final result is lovely, is there a more efficient way of working? The answer is yes!
This style is 80% scissors with only 20% razor.
You see, if you end up doing two hair cuts on each client, at the end of a day with 8 appointments you potentially did 16 cuts, but have only been paid for 8! VERY INTERESTING! Time is money, so I challenge you to think about hairstyles that look great chunky and hairstyles that look soft and whispy, then cut and select your tools with the end in mind, as each has a very different approach. Remember I am very classically trained, so I am all about strong technique to get the result – not fiddling and fussing. Got it? P.S. It is so much more efficient.

RAZOR WHY RAZOR WHY SCISSORS from Hairdesignertv on Vimeo.

This blonde is 100% razor cut.
Photo credits
Hair: Vivienne Mackinder
Makeup: David Maderich

Fashion Styling: Montgomery Frasier
Photography: Julia Pogodina
Best Wishes,
Vivienne Mackinder
Founder Of HairDesignerTV.com
For all booking Vivienne Mackinder inquires or to attend a live workshop or to become a 5 star member of HairdesignerTV.com contact Rebekah@mackinder.com or call 866-484-8622.
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